You Have To Have Flair


What do you need to turn your London escorts career into a success story? That was the first question that struck me when I joined my first London escorts service. I noticed that not all of the girls who worked for the cheap escorts agency seemed to be busy and it made me wonder why. Little by little, I got to know the other escorts who worked for the same escort agency. As I did so, it did not take me long to figure out to make the most out of your London escorts career, you really do need to have a touch of flair.

What is flair? Not all London escorts have been graced with natural flair but there are some London escorts that have what I would call natural flair. What is flair? Flair is not only about the way you look or dress, it is really about so much more than that. It would be right to say that natural flair affects the way you behave as well. For instance, London escorts with natural flair for looking after them seem to do a lot better. It makes you appreciate that there is more to working for a London escort agency than meets the eye.

When I first got involved with London escorts, I have to admit that I was pretty young. Looking back on my records I think that I was only 19 years old when I first started to work for my first London escorts agency. When you are that age, life is all about looking good and being sexy. You don’t realise that the things you say and do will have an influence on your career. But gradually I started to appreciate that what I did and how I spoke to the men I was dating made a huge difference.

The men who seek out London escorts are often a little bit older. They are businessmen who want to enjoy some sexy company during their stay in London, or they are gents who seek the creature comforts London escorts can provide them with on a date. Sure, it is important to appreciate that men want to have fun, but having an adult conversation is often part of the experience. You need to provide that and a genuine touch if you know what I mean. In other words, it is essential that you at least appear to enjoy their company.

It took me some time, but with a little bit of help, I did develop my own flair. I started to dress like a posh girl and I learned to hold what I like to call a decent conversation. Sure, some men who like to date London escorts are just after cheap tarts, but that does not go for all men who like to date escorts in London. Many men who visit London to enjoy the company of escorts also appreciate a bit of sophisticated company. That is where I come in. I certainly have my own flair and style now, and I love to enjoy the company of all of the fine gents I date in London.

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