Five Uncommon Sex Positions that Charlotte Action Escorts Do

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You have mastered missionary style and you have done doggy style, like, a billion times already. Next sex position, please!
Escorts are no strangers to sex positions either, and there is a huge likelihood they have a few crazy sex positions in mind worth trying out. Here are five uncommon sex positions a typical Charlotte escort would be glad to perform with you:

1. Starfish

Just like a starfish would lie in the sand, motionless, letting the ocean waves wash over it, the escort may choose to do the same as well – lie there on the bed and do nothing as you explore every inch of her body. You may choose to exchange the roles; you can lie down and let the escort do anything (literally) with your body.

2. Brute

This is straight from the bad girl’s bible. Brute is a freaky sex style that is as dangerous as it is to perform for a man; you let the girl lie on her back with her knees bent, then penetrate her while you’re in a sitting posture but facing away from her. That’s tough but worth the hustle – you’re in a good position to penetrate her deepest point while your balls bang on her clitoris.

3. Helicopter

This crazy style is incredibly difficult to perform unless the man’s penis is capable of maintaining some degree of flexibility when erect. Both the guy and the girl lie on the floor on their bellies while facing away from each other but with their genitals intact. What the man should do from there is to move back and forth and try to attain an organism. I can’t guarantee that’s going to be fun. But if the guy successfully pulls it, the escort’s G-Spot would be stimulated – that’s what sexologists know happens nine out of ten times.

4. Wheelbarrow

This funny style simulates how you would handle a wheelbarrow at a construction site. It is very much like doggy style except that her legs are elongated never to touch the ground and you’re holding her by the crotch. You need to be sufficiently strong to pull it successfully.

5. Down stroke

You know how a swimmer swims in down stroke style. Make her do the same on you while you’re standing but with her legs stretching to your shoulders. You need to be sufficiently strong to support her during all that time.

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