Feeble Women VS Strong Women


Do men like strong or feeble-minded women? I have been working for London escorts for some time now, and I am often asked if the men I date like strong or feeble women? To be fair, I think it is a matter of horses for courses. Some men who enjoy the company of London escorts really seem to like strong women. For instance, most women who work as dominatrixes for London escorts, are pretty strong women. So far, I have not heard of any men complaining about them.

What is so special about strong women? I think that many men who enjoy the company of affordable outcall escorts like to be taken of a little bit when they are on a date for London escorts. They work hard all week and when they come to go out on a date with London escorts, they don’t want to do any of the running. In other words, they want the woman to be in charge so that they can just sit back and relax when they are out on a date.

Are they some men who like feeble London escorts? Of course, as a London escort, you need to acknowledge that not all men get turned on by strong women. Some men date London escorts because the girls they date have a submissive attitude towards them. If that is the sort of girl that you would like to date, that is the sort of girl you should ask for when you call London escorts. I have met a few feeble London escorts. Most of them work for cheap escort agencies in London. A few of them go on to have successful careers, but many also fall by the wayside.

Have you ever thought about what sort of men London esorts like to date? Over the years with London escorts I have met many different types of men. Some of them have been very nice and others have been less pleasant to go out on dates with. In general, I would say that most men who have a thing about dating London escorts are pretty nice. But then again, I am not a submissive or feeble woman. When a man does something that I don’t like, I simply tell him that I don’t like it.

Do feeble London escorts do better than strong-minded London escorts? That is the funny thing. I would say that most strong-minded London escorts actually do better. They stand up for themselves and work on their own terms. I think that if you can control your London escorts career, I think that you will do very much better. Feeble London escorts eventually end up leaving the profession and find a career outside of London escorts that suits them better. Yes, I guess that you have to be a pretty tough girl to work for London escorts.

Tough does not mean not nice as affordable outcall escorts as some of the nicest women you will ever meet. However you would be mistaken to think you can push them around.

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