Can I Promote Myself as a London Escort on Facebook

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Do you work for a West Midland escorts agency and like to promote your services? Promoting what you do for West Midland escorts using a Social Media network such as West Midland escorts of sound like a great idea. However, Facebook does not actually allow West Midland escorts to promote themselves. That does not mean that there are not way around the problem. It is all about using the right kind of language and making sure that you present a top quality profile.


Many West Midland escorts run into this problem, but there are some tricks of the trade that you can try. For instance, you could call yourself a personal companion. That is how many West Midland escorts get around the problem. Of course, you still need to be careful with the kind of details that you out. A good idea would be to talk about your experience of nighttime London. Mention the places that you like to go to in London and what clubs you like to take your companion to.


The other word that many West Midland escorts use, is courtesan. For some reason or another, neither Twitter or Facebook pick up on that word. There are many advantages of using the term courtesanne. It sounds a bit posh, but many gentlemen that I have met at West Midland escorts like the term and are used to it. Sure, there are plenty of gentlemen out there who search for West Midland escorts, but there are also many, very rich men, who like to search for courtesans in London. So, if you would like to attract the best dates, you should try courtesan.


What about massage? Of course, you can advertise massage services online and on Facebook. This is really a good idea if you work from home and only do outcalls on behalf of West Midland escorts. The only thing that you must not mention is something like tantric massages. That would mean your account would get shut down more or less overnight. I have tried doing that a couple of times, but it has not done my any good. Instead try to mention Swedish massages or therapeutic massages.

What about offering a modeling service? This is how many other girls get around the problem of promoting the services that they provide on behalf of West Midland escorts. Many gentlemen understand the link between West Midland escorts and London models. You can even mention things like bikini model or lingerie model to make things a little bit more exciting. One thing you really don’t want to do. Instead, let gents contact you by Messenger initially. Once you have established contact and feel that you can trust them, you can take things a step further. There are many other tricks that you can use as well, and you can always check out what other West Midland escorts do on Twitter. As a matter of fact, there are rather a lot of West Midland escorts who use Twitter and seem to do very well.


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